Saddle Strap

“Saddle Strap” type of nose pad: utilizes a single piece of silicon or PVC (plastic) to connect both nose pads thereby balancing the weight of the frame over a wider area. Available in either Push-On or Screw-On mount.  The mount insert is made of polycarbonate a proven performance material.  We offer “Saddle Straps” made from “Silicone for a softer pad and PVC for a slightly firmer and more durable nose pad.  PVC pads excess in active, work and outdoor wear eyewear.  Silicone available in three lengths sizes a “Small" 15mm Child size, "Medium” 17mm Smaller Adult,  and “Large” 19mm Large Adult.  PVC saddle straps available in Medium and large.  Most are sold in a two piece bag or six piece professional bag.  To select PVC pads check option box within the listed silicone pad listings.