About US

Fix-It-Optical is part of Legacy Products LLC we operate three internet stores each with a unique mission:

Fix-It-Optical:  www.fixitoptical.com provides "basic" repair parts for eyewear and is directed to the individual.

Tabco Optical: www.tabcooptical.com provides a comprehensive line of eyewear repair and finishing supplies geared to the Eye care Professions

Minitaps:  www.minitaps.com provides miniature threading tools and gages but mainly ”Miniature Taps" for industrial use along with miniature turned and thread components.

Our story is we are a family business that has been selling optical eyewear repair parts, tool and other miniature threaded products we began in this business over 50 years ago.  We truly specialize in small and miniature turned parts and eyewear components for a wide range of industries.  In August 2012 we relocated to Seattle from Fallbrook California.

We can be contacted in Seattle Washington at;

The Best way to contact us is by email to: sales@tabcooptical.com If you have a specific question like I have a Frame (name) and Model (number) and I need a replacement part.  Send a detailed message with pictures and we will try to help.  

Phone; 206-329-0794 

Address: 3414 West  McGraw St. Ste. 100  Seattle Washington 98199    USA